Workshop – Ecological Experience – New Caledonia

Learn about the remarkable landscapes and flora (and even fauna) of New Caledonia (which is endemic and remnants of the Gondwanan biota).

The field workshop will look at Conifers such as Acmopyle pancheri; Agathis spp., Araucaria spp., Callitris spp., Dacrycarpus viellardii, Dacrydium spp., Falcatifolium taxoides; Gymnostoma spp., Libocedrus spp., Neocallitropsis pancheri and Parasitaxus ustus (the world’s only parasitic conifer that is parasitic on a rainforest podocarp Falcatifolium taxoides and may be observed during our day trip to Col du Amieu to see Amborella trichopoda)., Podocarpus spp., Prumnopitys ferruginoides, Retrophyllum spp.; and Nothofagus spp.

There will be familiar families and genera from the Wet Tropics and Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Areas e.g., Alyxia, Geissois, Hibbertia, Elaeocarpus, Sloanea, Dracophyllum, Scaevola, Cryptocarya, Amyema, Austromyrtus, Melaleuca, Pittosporum, Stenocarpus, Exocarpus, Cupaniopsis, Cordyline, Gahnia, Pandanus, Blechnum, Cyathea and Selaginella. and possibly the nickel hyper-accumulator with blue sap – Pycnandra acuminata .

Fauna wise, New Caledonia also shares a Gondwanic origin (although sadly a similarly tragic range of extinctions with Australia and New Zealand).

There are several families and genera of both flora and fauna endemic to this old chip off the old Gondwanan block although Australia does have the most ancient extant elements of the former Gondwanan flora and fauna.

Location :  New Caledonia, Grand Terre

$100.00/person/day | Limit of six people due to the capacity of the hired minibus.

Current costs are estimated as follows:

  • Return airfares from Brisbane to Noumea and Return: $800.00 (ex-Sydney)
  • Share of Min Bus Hire: $500.00

AccommodationThe Auberge de Jeunesse is recommended, being located on the hill above the heart of Noumea and offers discounts to YHA members. It is but a short stroll to downtown Noumea and the markets and shops. The first day will be spent at the Botanical Gardens and Zoological Park before heading to local National Parks.

Enquiries: Dr Mike Olsen | Mobile 0407 330 781

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