Workshop – Rainforest Trees and Shrubs – The Red Book 2023

Dates and locations TBA

Learn about the remarkable rainforest flora of Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, and subtropical Queensland (many of which are remnants of the Gondwanan flora).

The field workshop will look at how to identify the rainforest trees and shrubs of the local subtropical and temperate rainforest.

It will also provide the skills to identify subtropical rainforest trees and shrubs during your rainforest adventures across eastern Australia.

There are families and genera of both flora and fauna endemic to this old chip off the old Gondwanan block with Australia having the most ancient extant elements of the former Gondwanan flora and fauna.

This workshop will use the “red” book and this can be obtained from Gwen Harden here.

Location :  anywhere across Queensland. New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.

$100.00 per person | (plus travel expenses outside SE Queensland and NE New South Wales)

Discounted fees for unemployed folk and children free if accompanied by an adult – please contact Dr Mike Olsen directly on mobile 0407 330 781

Minimum of five and maximum of ten participants.

Enquiries: Dr Mike Olsen | Mobile 0407 330 781

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